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How to renovate houses on a budget?

In an attempt to save money on renovation, some people have already started looking for a professional "handyman", who promises to carry out all the work for a lower price for the service.

In such situations, the maxim “cheap is expensive” is perfectly applicable. Without mastering everything that needs to be done, the professional can make mistakes that will cost much more to repair, and the client can lose time and money.

When evaluating how much it costs to renovate a house, look for experts. At first, the value may seem higher, but it will still be lower compared to the extra work of a poorly executed work. In addition, a skilled professional will have more property when calculating the materials needed.

Planning the dream decoration and adapting it to the size of the budget, whether individual or family, can be quite a challenge. But, know that it is possible to renew your home decor without spending a lot. The secret? Planning and a good dose of creativity.

1. Planning: the secret of home decor without breaking the bank:

Considering that there have already been expenses with renovation, moving, and purchases of appliances, it is necessary to put everything on the tip of the pencil and establish a "spending ceiling".

Start with the basics: decide the style of your decor, make a list of everything you want, look for references, read and research the best places to find the best prices.

2. Walls with more life:

An environment can be totally transformed with a simple painting. Highlighting one of the walls with a different color is a great tip to renew the environment.

The dark color makes objects such as paintings, picture frames, and lamps stand out. In addition, if you want to bring an even more relaxed atmosphere, you can opt for paints that turn the wall into a blackboard, a great option for those who like to draw, but can also serve to leave messages.

3. Invest in plants:

Decorate without spending a lot and at the same time bring freshness to the environment by adding plants. It is possible to find plants that fit into different budgets from cheapest to costliest.

4. Focus on frames:

Another tip to decorate the house spending little is to bet on pictures. They may even look like more expensive pieces, but there are websites that provide free drawings or arts and, with them, you can assemble your own painting, according to your personal taste.

5. Lights and lamps:

One of the simplest ways to decorate your home environment is with a game of lights. In addition to not spending a lot, this combination helps to renew the decor as a whole.

6. Pillows to relax:

Ever thought of adding a little more color without having to buy new furniture? Cushions can be a solution. In addition to leaving any environment different.

7. Do it yourself:

There is the possibility of innovating in furniture and pieces such as sofas, cabinets, and even pallet beds, transforming crates into coffee tables, chests or nightstands. The sky is the limit: all it takes is a little creativity. The environment will be beautiful and the expense is minimal. offer the CHEAPEST Direct Renovation Electrical Contractor Services (Singapore - HDB, Condo, Landed, Commercials)

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