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All about renovating a terrace

With the sun, you want to spend more time on your terrace. The problem? It is dull, full of stains or simply old. Think about the renovation of the terrace, ideal to do during the summer. For a result that meets your expectations, call on a terrace renovation professional.

Terrace renovation

Here we show you all steps to renovate your terrace:

Examine the condition of the terrace:

1st step, before even looking for a craftsman to take care of your exterior renovation: examine the condition of your terrace. Maybe it's not as bad as you think, and a simple refresh (cleaning, painting, oiling, sanding…) is enough.

Also remember to check the condition of the foundations if your terrace cracks: perhaps they need to be consolidated? If necessary, do not hesitate to call on a renovation professional to benefit from his expert eye and his advice.

Clean your terrace:

For very dirty but not damaged or broken terraces, a simple cleaning will be perfect to renovate your terrace. Do not hesitate to call on a craftsman, because the cleaning products will depend on the material of the terrace.

Repaint your terrace:

You hate the look of your terrace, you can no longer see it in paint? Precisely, repainting your terrace can completely transform it. If your terrace is made of wood, you will need to use special wood paint to give it a facelift after a good cleaning. For a concrete terrace, it will first be necessary to treat the cracks and clean it before applying the appropriate paint.

Changing the terrace covering

If your terrace covering is too damaged, or you simply want to change it, you can replace it completely. You have two options:

1. The installation of a new coating without removal of the existing

2. Removal of the existing before laying the new covering

Review the waterproofing of the terrace:

Perhaps your terrace has a sealing problem? By being continuously exposed to the weather, it can have water infiltration if you have not waterproofed it. To spot these infiltrations, it's easy: inspect your terrace in search of cracks or a significant concentration of moss or lichen. Without your intervention, the water will infiltrate under the terrace and deteriorate it, or even go up by capillarity in the walls of your house.

First, it will be necessary to fill the cracks with polyurethane sealant. Then, the work will depend on the coating of the terrace.

For a wooden terrace, you risk reviewing its foundations so that the wood does not bathe in water. Laying them on pedestals prevents water from seeping in. A bitumen on the floor can also be laid for maximum waterproofing.

For a concrete terrace, it will be necessary to apply a primer so that the overcoat adheres well, then apply a layer of waterproofing resin. Then, an interfacing and then a second layer of resin, with a finishing color.

For a tiled terrace, you will need to install a liquid waterproofing system by applying a primer upstream. A reinforcement must be laid, a second layer, then the new coating.



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