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Choosing the right paint and room colors:

Whether you have a construction or renovation project, or simply want to freshen up your home, choosing the colors to put in each room is often a puzzle that is difficult to out without outside help.

Choose the type of paint:

Matte, satin, shiny finish, acrylic or glycero paint, how to find your way around? Contrary to what you might think, it's quite simple:

For humid rooms such as the bathroom or kitchen, prefer satin finish paints, which are easier to clean and more resistant to heat, condensation and grease. So, the walls of your kitchen will be more easily washable. Likewise for the bathroom, glycerol paints with a satin finish will resist humidity better.

For your ceilings and the walls of your living room, your bedrooms, your office, you can opt for matt finish paints, less likely to be cleaned, they will give a cozy effect to your rooms. Matte paints will absorb light where a glossy paint will reflect it. Instead, choose acrylic paints, which are less toxic and less harmful to the environment than glycero paints.

For your hallways, also opt for a paint with a satin finish, in this place of passage a small regular sponge stroke will be easier on your walls than a paint with a matte finish which will shine quickly.

Preparing your walls:

You will need to prepare your walls before giving your first brushstroke. Worse, you will have to assess the condition of your walls and advise based on the result. In the renovation, you may have tapestry on the walls that you want to get rid of, it will be necessary to plan to remove the wallpaper, and in this area you may have good and bad surprises.

Your walls are smooth, that's good, but you will still have to wash them and give them a little sanding before painting.

Your walls reveal a few cracks or small holes that make them look a little uneven. It will be necessary to consider a smoothing coating, before sanding, to finally start painting.

You are in the middle of renovation, the walls are degraded and will need a filling coating, intensive sanding, a smoothing coating and a new sanding to consider the start of the work.

Whatever the state of the walls, it will be necessary to systematically apply an undercoat, or primer. Since single-coat paints are generally ineffective, it will then be necessary to apply two coats of paint, or even three depending on the color to be covered.

For this last rather delicate step, call on professionals and ensure a quality result. offers you all-inclusive packages, ranging from floor protection to end-of-site cleaning, including the various stages depending on the condition of your walls.

We have a team of professionals that allow you to order your small jobs online, and on the painting side, we have made it easy for you, your online estimate only requires a few clicks.



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