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Your house is Instagram-ready, isn't it?

It's all about what makes a good picture. With photo-sharing apps like Instagram becoming so popular, picture-worthy decor has come to the market. It's happening all over the place: from restaurants to hotels to your own home, walls and floors are getting more colorful, and new tablescapes are being thought up. In the past, how a room looked in photos was not very important. But now, interior designers are being told more and more to make a space look good in photos.


Before Instagram, interiors were all about dark wood, low lighting, and a white color scheme. When you look at a picture now, it's all about rainbow colors and neon pops that look good. The truth is, there are companies that specialize in designing menus, interiors, and coasters that people will want to post about. A lot of people now get their home decor ideas from social media. If you make something "kitschy" just to make it "instagrammable," you're now in a new kind of mindset.

Everything, from the table tops to the crockery to the lights, looks like this. Instagram is a great way to show off your interior design work and show off how good it is. Photographing places like this wasn't important until a few years ago. Instagram has indeed made it easier for interior designers to get their name out there.


As of now, there are more than 800 million Instagram users and counting. This is not going away any time soon. It's changing people's tastes because of things they see on sites like Instagram and Pinterest, an architect says. It's becoming more common for people to see things like furniture in bright colors like fuchsia and teal, as well as neutral or neon colors for homes and walls, in the places they live and work, he adds. He has seen a lot more "selfie walls" in family rooms, as well as funky wallpapers, neon signs, and customised tiles for homes. People want the designer to make places that look different, he says.

Make your decor picture-friendly.

A smart shelf:

Draws the eye and you can change the styling to match your mood.


Add some to the room.


A candle tray with flowers in the corner is a picture-worthy thing to put on Instagram.

There are a lot of fresh flowers:

You can play around with different ways to put things together and vases – posies look good when they're in them.

The walls that say something:

Having a statement wall or two in your home is a great place to take a picture. Do not pick something that doesn't match who you are and doesn't tell a good story.

Curved edges:

Decorate your home with things you find on your travels. This way, your home will show off your interests.


A fairy light or two is the easiest way to make your home look like it was taken in a picture.

The mirror, the mirror:

The bigger the mirror, the better. There are many ways to make a room look bigger, and mirrors are one of them.

It will grow:

Your space should have green areas, terrariums, and big potted plants that people will "click" on when they see them.

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