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Which false ceiling is long-lasting for the home?

False ceilings have gained an incredible amount of popularity in recent years. Their popularity is partly driven by the fact that they give a higher level of flexibility in terms of design, looks, and cost.

When Task Masters’ renovation and upgrades team went to provide consultation and services to one of the clients, the homeowner asked one question, “Which false ceiling type is perfect for my home?”. The homeowner wasn’t well aware of the types available in false ceilings.

Therefore, we decided to write a post on this and make you aware of the choices available in false ceilings. Knowing this will help you to figure out which one is good for you and which one isn’t. So, let’s get started.

1. Wooden False Ceiling

Wooden false ceilings are most common these days as they give natural texture. They are a bit expensive but when it comes to looks, they are worth it. These can be employed in various shades such as dark or light. Whether this will suit your room or not depends on the surrounding elements and the overall design of the room

2. Plaster of Paris (POP) Ceiling

Plaster of Paris gives the flexibility to suit any ceiling design innovation. It looks smooth and uniform.  POP is a dominant material when it comes to false ceiling designing. This is best suited for living and bedrooms.

It gives out a warm and bright look, especially under proper lighting.

3. Metal Ceiling

Majorly used for industrial looks, when the metal ceiling is polished, it turns the room into a masterpiece. It gives out a shiny and lively look. These ceilings are last lasting and very easy to install. However, these ceilings aren’t as much flexible as others in terms of designs.

The construction and maintenance costs are very low as compared with other ceiling types.

4. Glass False Ceiling

Glass ceilings are also gaining popularity as they look very good regardless of the theme of the house. They suit almost every kind of ceiling. Needless to say, glass ceilings improve the aesthetics of the living room, bedroom, kitchen, or wherever you employ it. 

5. Fibre False Ceiling

Fiberglass ceiling is in high demand partly because of their low price and low-cost maintenance. They are very easy to install and implement.

The materials used are made of synthetic materials which can be custom built into various designs. So, fiber false ceiling gives you many choices when it comes to themes and architectures.

6. Gypsum False Ceiling

Gypsum false ceiling is also the one good option to consider when thinking about ceiling renovation ideas. Paints and laminates can also be used to give a much more finished and textured look.

This type of ceiling is lightweight, soft and thermally insulated. This material also provides fire resistance to some extent.

Winding this up, this post must have given you a sound idea about the kinds of false ceilings types you can use for your rooms



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