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What is the residential renovation?

Residential renovation - Although the name already gives us clues, it is about making important changes to a property, with the aim of making it safer, habitable, pleasant, or increasing its value. Due to its comprehensive nature, this type of change involves both finishes, such as electrical, gas, water, air conditioning, painting, and carpentry, among other similar works.

Now this does not mean that they should all be done at the same time. Rather, all these aspects are evaluated with the intention of identifying which are necessary and which can be postponed or maintained. Likewise, we can also talk about comprehensive reforms if we focus on reforming each room in the house individually - that way we will feel that we are moving forward and finishing goals.

Integral reforms of a house:

Let's start by defining what the integral reform of a house implies - Everything that includes a comprehensive reform.

The following list can help you identify the changes you may have when planning a comprehensive reform.

- Change electrical and/or sanitary installations. Ideally, this should be done every 20 years.

- Change the layout of the house; for example, create a new room, join two rooms, etc.

- Change the covering of floors and walls.

- Improve the thermal and acoustic insulation of the property.

- Change the doors and windows.

- Change the interior decoration.

- Change the color of the paints.

The integral renovation and its planning:

For the planning of comprehensive reform, some factors must be considered, for example, what is essential is a newly acquired home or a second home.

When it comes to the first case, it is easier to plan a comprehensive reform. For this, some external factors must be taken into accounts such as the main hot water or the central heating if it exists.

At this point, it is ideal to deal with the person responsible for the installation, this could be the administrator, doorman, or the maintenance company to make any changes to the heating system.

According to our experience, the reforms are generally carried out in summer since the weather helps in the setting of some elements such as concrete, although setting accelerators can also be used for humid areas or very low temperatures.

On the other hand, it is different when the house is inhabited because it must be abandoned to carry out the comprehensive reform, this requires more planning. Among the factors to take into account are coordinating removals, heating, and storage, but the most important thing is to find a place to live while the reform is carried out.

In addition, it is necessary to consult with the community of owners, if there is one, in case there is a limitation of hours to carry out the reform and what means are available such as a storage area, and elevators, among others.

Are you ready to make a comprehensive renovation of your home? You can start by changing the paint on the walls. Remember to use quality products in each process to have better results! In addition, it hires skilled labor for each task. If you are looking for a professional or the most affordable renovation package? Then look no further and get in touch with us at



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