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What is the best order of execution to renovate a house in phases?

Prioritizing the specific needs that must be executed urgently and following the general logic, the ideal order of a reform executed in phases is usually considered as follows:

1. Installations and reforms or essential reinforcements:

No reform can be proposed in phases if leaks, insulation are not corrected or the necessary measures are not taken to reinforce the structure if necessary. In other words, this type of work will always be the first to be undertaken. Likewise, it happens with sanitation or electricity installations. These types of trades are the dirtiest, so it's best to do them early.

2. Bathrooms and paintings:

The next step to renovating your house in phases is to start with some of these two rooms: bathrooms and kitchen (or even both) since they are usually independent and different in terms of wall and floor tiles in most cases. rest of the house.

In the case of wanting to open the kitchen to the living room, however, it will have to be done together, especially if you want to unify the flooring.

3. Pavements:

Taking into account that you will have already executed the floor of the wet rooms, you will surely want to unify the rest of the pavements and do it in one fell swoop. As the chosen material can be exhausted or discontinued, the best thing, in that case, is to do this phase consecutively.

4. Joinery: doors and windows:

Considering that the lower level of the doors will depend on the ground, it is better to do it later. You may have to cut a few centimeters below the doors if the finish level has been higher (especially if the new flooring has been placed on top of the existing one).

If the windows need to be updated, this is a good time to do it at the same time as the doors. If you have any access to a terrace or balcony, you will also need to adapt the height of the finished floor.

5. Finishes: paint and/or wallpaper:

Since walls will likely be damaged during phased renovation work, wall finishes should always be left to last. Both paint and wallpaper have to go at the end of the reform of your home.

General advice for a phased reform:

– Opt for dry solutions. They are faster and cleaner. There will be no drying times that slow down the entire work. You can even leave the installation part for another stage since they can be inserted into the camera.

– Define provisional spaces. If you cannot finish them and make them versatile while they are halfway done.

– Propose modular solutions when you do not know if you will be able to finish some parts.

– Bet on diaphanous spaces, so the partitions will be fewer.

– Acquire materials in a single purchase to prevent them from being discontinued, especially ceramic floor or wall tiles.

The importance of professional help:

Since this type of reform in phases can be more stressful than those that are done in a row, having professional help is essential. And, above all, the company is trustworthy since the implication is much greater. Nor can you forget to compare the different budgets. This will help a lot when making decisions during the reform. offer the CHEAPEST Direct Renovation Electrical Contractor Services (Singapore - HDB, Condo, Landed, Commercials)

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