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WFH equipment that is in high demand and available for purchase during the Black Friday sale.

For your work from home setup, did you always want to buy the bike desk or the posture correcting stool? But because they were so expensive, you didn't buy them. You can buy these things when the Black Friday sale comes around and make your work from home set up look better than ever!

Bike desk

This is your chance to get your hands on one. The bike desk is great for people who work at a desk and move very little. When you work and work out at the same time, you get the best of both worlds.

A stool that corrects posture.

If you've worked on the ergonomic chair, you'll need a stool that helps you keep the best posture at work. Back and core strength will be worked on if you sit and work on a stool like this for a while. Adjust it to the height you need and enjoy how your posture changes.

A small fan for the desk.

Air conditioners use a lot of electricity, and the fan makes a lot of noise that you don't like. A small desk fan can be a great addition to your work from home set up for sure. Let your electrical equipment stay cool with this. It will keep giving you a light breeze as well.

Temperature control mugs

Temperature-controlled mugs are a must-have for people who forget about their coffee or tea while they are having a virtual meeting because they don't think about it. This mug warmer will keep your drink at the right temperature. When you want a drink, just turn it on.

Quirky air humidifier

If you want to jazz up your WFH set-up, you should get a humidifier that looks different. It helps keep your place hydrated and cosy, and it also helps keep your sinuses calm, so you can work at home in peace. You can say goodbye to those sneezes you don't want to have in between calls.

a small fridge

Get a mini-fridge, fill it up, and put it near your work desk. These fridges can also be turned off once they have been charged. They can stay cool for a few hours, depending on the brand.

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