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WFH brings in modern home furnishings and interior design.

The year 2021 has been full of new trends that have changed the way we live and work in many different ways. Our lives have changed a lot because of the pandemic and the lockdown. We've had to reorganise and realign our lives, priorities, and homes, which became a haven and a place of safety from the virus. And one of the most subtle but essential changes driving the new normal is the "work from home" trend, which sees some of your personal space turned into work areas with invisible boundaries and strict rules. Even though many people across the country are getting used to the "work from home" trend, the need for more comfortable and functional "work from home" furniture is on the rise. Many people want furniture and design that meets their needs. These trends are helping to drive a lot of growth in this industry.

Because of the pandemic, people started to look for furniture that could be bought online, was comfortable, and was both relaxed and formal. WFH trends that COVID brought on are changing how people design their homes and furniture.

The trend of working from home came with its own set of changes, so employees had to figure out how to make a work and video call area that was both attractive and functional. This allowed for uninterrupted and peaceful work and video call experience.

To keep their employees safe as the WFH trend grows, many big corporate companies let their employees work from home for more extended periods and give them a lot of money to buy furniture and other things they need to set up a workstation at home. They used the chance to build a comfortable work area that could last for a long time. Both comfort and style could be used together so that people could be more presentable at official meetings while also giving their home a better decor look at the same time—ten times as many people wanted home desks, convertible desks, and chairs because of this.

Easy to clean and disinfect: People also wanted surfaces that were easy to clean and disinfect because of the Covid-19. People often end up eating or drinking while they work, and that happens more when they are at home for a longer time. So, when they were looking for furniture, they had to make sure it was easy to clean and not scratched.

The government encouraged people to buy things made in their own country, especially during the pandemic. This led to many people wanting to buy things made in their own country. Imports have gone down by about three times, and people are using more of the products they buy three times more now. The pandemic turned out to be a good thing for made in India brands because it made people more aware of and supportive of local brands, especially in the younger generation.

Thanks to WFH, furniture that could be used for more than one thing saw a lot of demand. Many professionals who had to work at home for a long time chose furniture that would be used as a workstation and other things in the home. Like an office chair that could be used as a rest chair or recliner during non-work hours, or a work desk that could also be a small dining table at the end of the day, giving more value for money spent on a possible short-term need to work from home.

Microwaves, Bluetooth earphones, noise-cancelling earphones, dishwashers, and other kitchen and home appliances have also become more popular. This is so that people can work from home more comfortable. If there is a second wave of pandemic and a lockdown again, the trends above are here to stay and could impact the furniture and home design industry for a few months or even years to come.

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