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Visitors who weren't expected? Listed below is the first step you should do!

Updated: Mar 4, 2022

Guests are inevitable, specially the unexpected ones. They can arrive at any point in time without informing or informing just a few minutes before leaving you with absolute no time to manage the mess in your house. Though they receive a heartwarming welcome, little do they get to know about the messy home you had just before they arrived. But if you want to clean up the mess in only a few minutes, here’s what you must do first:

Pick the messiest spot first

Clean all the mess possible in the living room and clean the dust. Arrange the cushion properly as most of the times they are lying around improperly. Nicely placed cushions give the room a clean and formal look.

Clean the adjacent room

If your drawing room is attached with dining room, that is the next area you should clean up. Set the dining table perfectly and remove the placemats if laid. You can also quickly arrange a flower pot or an attractive centerpiece for the dining table.

Clean the kitchen countertop

Keeping your kitchen counter clutter-free is keeps you sorted for the rest of the evening while you are busy serving your guests. Also, if a guest follows you to the kitchen to extend help, he or she will not be disgusted to see the mess of a place you are preparing the delicacies in.

Close all doors

This is an important hack especially for flats. Once you close all the other room doors, the house suddenly starts looking neat. This also avoids any unnecessary visits of the guests to the other rooms.

Fix the lighting

The best way to look prepared and welcoming is to play with mood lighting. Turn on the lamps and highlighting lights for adding that last effect!

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