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This is the theme for a fantasy wedding.


The green wedding

You have food and decor waste, as well as the carbon footprint of everyone who comes to your wedding. A growing number of couples are looking into ways to make their relationship more eco-friendly in order to make it last longer. Use local vendors, find a green venue, and work with non-profits for food waste management. This helps you celebrate in a way that is good for the environment. An eco-friendly wedding doesn't mean having your wedding at a farm or field. It's about cutting back on the energy and materials that are used to put the day together. If you're having a wedding at a place that's more than 100 km away, you should buy everything there and use local arts and textiles.

Find a place that is close to most of your guests and choose a building like a hall or farmhouse instead of setting up your own. Other thoughts? The best way to reuse a dress is to make it into a dress again, go vintage, rent clothes, or buy ethical fashion. Do not use disposables and get recycled decor for your party.


The fairy tale theme

As seen in the Disney movies, weddings get a new twist with a fairy tale theme. When a bride gets married, she should feel like a princess. This is true for everyone, from Snow White to Belle to Cinderella. A lot of couples are having their first dance to songs from Disney films because these movies have some of the best romantic songs. This theme makes sure that the pictures are as good as the sets are big. ” As part of this theme, you can say "I do" on lush green lawns with a sunset as the backdrop, enjoy al-fresco cocktails by the pool or have an intimate but beautiful wedding.

Theme for a dream wedding


Moroccan theme

MAXIMALISM is a Moroccan theme that you should go for.

This is all about bright colours and cosy places to hang out. A lot of them come in a lot of different colours. They range from dark pink to orange to green to purple, and from fuchsia to deep coral. All of the furniture is covered in gold tablecloths and Moroccan lanterns. There are low sofas, colourful crockery, and ottomans piled high with bright jewel-tone pillows in the decor. Use fabric that has geometric patterns to make Moroccan rugs look like they did in the past. Use beaded table runners, set up a henna station, and ask the DJ to play a few songs from the Middle East. As a last thing, make sure the food has a Moroccan flair to it.


Tropic opulence

In the time of TROPULENCE, people have a lot of things to

The opulence of the tropical world

To keep the opulence of Indian weddings, but add tropical touches such as gold accents and lush floral arrangements, tropical opulence is the way to go. This is the next step up from boho tropical. The Pantone Color Institute came up with "Paradise Found," a bright wedding colour scheme that was inspired by a trip to the tropical islands. Mix blue and green with bright orange hues while you try this theme. Planning a wedding can be fun, Sonali Thakore says. "You can use vintage things, calligraphy, personalised monograms of the couple, set up a greenery photo booth, and make a fruity drink to welcome guests."

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