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These 7 cutting-edge artificial intelligence products are changing smart homes.

When home assistant devices entered the market, we thought that it was the coolest invention of recent times which will eradicate the need of a personal assistant or even looking at your phone to google queries. Smart assistants like Siri and Alexa are like an extended memory systems to keep you up with your schedule and routine. But there is more to the future of smart homes and there are some really cool gadgets out there which are waiting to redefine sma rt homes like never before. And if you have been dreaming about that digitally luxurious AI home of Iron Man, well, it might be a reality for you in a few years.

Market leaders like Microsoft, IBM and Google are focusing on developing smart solutions rather than applications for equipping homes with artificial intelligence solutions. These solutions provide on-time information to people regarding the various systems in use such as why a particular gadget/equipment is consuming extra energy, and when the fresh food drawers need to get refilled with selected food items. Sounds exciting? Below are the seven gadgets that are going to make your homes digitally luxurious and future-ready.

Home assistant devices

Alexa and Google Home have been revolutionary gadgets in the modern homes. Apart from taking orders to operate lights, fans and other electrical appliances in your home, these devices are like a personal assistant who has an answer ready for your every query.

Smart lighting

From energy efficient to sensor lights, smart lighting has changed the way our urban homes look. Smart lighting can also sense the occupancy and adjust accordingly so you do not have to worry about lights and fans being left running in a room which no one is using. Smart lighting technique is also capable of a fancy flash of colour to notify you of an instant message, or a glow to gently break the news of today’s weather forecast.

Climate control

Climate sensor controlled devices are gaining popularity in the Indian markets because of the rise of smart homes. These devices help in controlling the air conditioning or heater temperature controls by sensing the occupancy or outside temperature.

Smart security system

Smart security system means that any kind of security measure is accessible on your phone or computer whenever you want. You can customise your security system from anywhere since it is connected to your phone.

Smart washing machines

Washing machines are turning smarter as they get chipped with AI (Artificial Intelligence). You can sync the washing machine with your home assistant devices or phones and operate as per your convenience, whenever you want.


Like washing machines, refrigerators have also turned smarter. AI chipped refrigerators are programmed to sense what kinds of products are being stored inside it and to keep a track of the stock through barcode or RFID scanning. Sounds amazing, right?

Robotic vacuum cleaners

This is a revolutionary invention to ensure cleanliness in smart homes. Robotic vacuum cleaners come with mapping feature. The unit can use gyro, camera, radar, and laser (laser distance sensor or LDS) guided systems to create a floor plan and carry out the mopping and cleaning according to requirement and history.

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