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There are six things that might make your office workstation appear less professional.

Updated: Mar 4, 2022

Most of our waking hours are spent at our workstations in the office. Instead of working at a basic desk, the majority of us prefer to personalize it with anything and everything we desire. Each workstation has a unique tale to tell, whether it's through posters, calendars, coffee mugs, hangings, or sticky notes. However, how often do we realize that these actions could also be perceived as unprofessional and could harm our chances of getting a promotion in the future. So, before your supervisor makes a snap judgment about your career goals, consider the following list of things you should not have on your desk.

A pile of lunch boxes

It looks neat if you keep your lunch box in a bag, before and after having lunch because spread all over or piled up on your desk, they do not look professional at all. For someone who is looking at your desk, will get the message that this person has a casual approach towards a project. Also, it only conveys how much attention you pay to your lunch.

A cluster of sticky notes If you think displaying all those colourful sticky notes look creative or sends the message how busy you are, we are sorry to disappoint you. Too many of these tiny notes clustered in a mess only reflects how you cannot manage your work and keep hassled all the time. Even if you want to keep them to remember a few things, stick them in an organised manner on just one part of your desk and not spread it all over.

Suggestive calendars

Whether it is about that latest calendar of celebrities or other seductive models, office desk is not the right place to flaunt them. Suggestive posters or calendars do not reflect too well in an professional environment and also opens scope for a woman colleague reporting for sexual harassment.

Expressing political views

You might love discussing your political views with your colleagues but putting anything related to this on your desk is not a professional move.


A lot of us love displaying those tiny toys we get free with eatables or otherwise and they look attractive too. But they do not reflect well on your professional vision. Management might think that you are not ready to move to the next level and consider you to be too young for certain important projects. So take that Ninja army or gang of minions home and let kids make the most of them!

Outrageous quotes

Putting up funny message posters or posters with quotes that sound sarcastic do not go too well with the bosses. Do not display anything outrageous which instead of adding motivation adds problem to your professional growth.

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