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The top seven best cordless vacuum cleaners

Technology and its usage has always been growing in almost every sector in today’s time. Be it home or business, personal or professional, we are in awe of everything technological because it makes our lives easier. Electronic devices certainly top the list and therefore a lot of research goes on everyday as to how we can make it better.

Vacuum cleaning is one of the technologies that has been making our lives better since its invention. They not only help us by cleaning in the most efficient way possible but also saves time. Especially during the period of lockdown, when lives were clearly becoming a mess, maids were prohibited from entering because of the fear of the virus, it was things like vacuum cleaners that made our lives better. It helped in cleaning the house without causing too much trouble.

There are various types of vacuum cleaners and with developments happening everyday, humans have been able to come up with the technology of cordless vacuum cleaners. There’s no doubt that this technology is absolutely necessary as far as cleanliness is concerned since it's less complicated in functioning. Here’s a list of 7 most amazing cordless vacuum cleaners available in the market to help you choose which one to go for:


When you think of technology and vacuum cleaners, Dyson is one of the most trusted brand. This amazing Dyson V11 absolute pro has 14 cyclones that generate forces of 79000g to fling dust. It is also equipped with a filtration system which is capable of sucking dirt particles as low as 0.3 microns. It also has an extended battery which gives an additional power of 60 minutes.


This is one of the most trusted brands as far as vacuum cleaners are concerned. This brand came up with one of the most handy vacuum cleaners, especially if you have a lot of furniture. This weighs around 3 kgs and also contains a motor which is capable of cleaning hard floors and huge carpets. There are 3 models of this and it has a battery that lasts for up to 45 minutes.


This is one of the best cleaners with homes that contain pets. This contains brushes that are specifically designed for removing pet hairs. It contains various modes for cleaning various types of furniture like hard floors, rugs, carpets etc. It contains a battery that has the capacity of lasting up to 55 minutes.


This vacuum cleaner is a great option for people who have small apartments. It is as simple as switching buttons and you can easily change modes. It is also one of the most easy-going cleaners when it comes to cleaning under the rugs and furniture. This has one of the most effective bags that is capable of storing huge quantities of dust and dirt.


With its sleek design, this is one of the most amazing looking vacuum cleaners with an easy to hold handle and a sleek design which could be operated with one hand. It has one of the most powerful motors with 80,000 RPM and it also contains some amazing cleaning accessories.


It is one of the new variations of American electronics by Anker Innovations. It has a powerful suction and is also equipped with dual vortex technology that is capable of sucking all sorts of dirt. There are various cleaning modes and comes with a battery of around 40 minutes.


This is an easy going, lightweight which is used for reducing the effort of cleaning your home. It has powerful brushes and a 130 W motor which is capable of sucking the dirt. It has 2 modes and various cleaning speeds as well.

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