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The most common home reforms:

The reforms that can be carried out in the flats or houses are innumerable, there can always be rooms or certain general aspects to improve. When these are already multiple, it is best to carry out a comprehensive reform of the apartment. The results will be better and more uniform. When you choose to carry out renovations in the home by room, the most common are the ones that we will see below.

The Kitchen:

The kitchen of a house is subjected to a lot of daily use. It is one of the rooms that suffer the most and wears out the most. Home renovations that take place in the kitchen are the most common.

The trends in kitchen reforms include eliminating the old tiles, changing the flooring for more current materials such as linoleum, changing the furniture and cupboards, renovating the stoves for ceramic hobs or induction plates, or paneling the appliances so that they integrate with the rest. of furniture.

It is one of the home renovations with the highest price since it includes furniture, appliances, among other things. You can have more complete information to calculate the price of the kitchen reform in this other post.

The Bathroom:

Like the kitchen, it is a room so used that the reform of the bathroom is the order of the day. To adapt bathrooms to current times and achieve a more functional version, a renovation is often carried out to change the bathtub for a shower tray. Nowadays, few have the time to take long and relaxing baths, which is why shower trays have become one of the most requested reforms.

Currently, the trend is a bathroom with simple lines and sinks tends to gain prominence. In bathroom renovations, synthetic flooring begins to appear that imitates wood instead of the traditional tiles.

The Ladder:

Over the years, continuous use deteriorates the steps and the handrail of the stairs, so it is essential to undertake this reform of the home, especially when they are wooden stairs.

It will simply suffice to thoroughly sand the staircase to remove the old varnish and polish any possible damage it may have. It is cleaned with a damp cloth that drags the generated dust and with a filler putty the wood will be treated and the new varnish can be applied. Between layer and layer must be sanded. The professional who executes the reform must use a varnish suitable for wood.


Making new enclosures or improving existing ones is a regular home renovation. Galleries or windows can lose their impermeability and insulation attributes over time. A room can also be extended at the cost of losing the terrace and thus gains in space, but a new enclosure must also be made.

In these cases, the aim is to gain light and insulation with the new enclosure. It is important to opt for good material to avoid surprises such as double glazing, thermal bridge. We are happy to answer your questions about home renovations. We are experts in meeting customer expectations. Get in touch with us for more information and a quote. offer the CHEAPEST Direct Renovation Electrical Contractor Services (Singapore - HDB, Condo, Landed, Commercials)

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