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The Chic Home: Nature Lovers' Apartment Is Simple And Clean

SINGAPORE - Located opposite Bukit Batok Nature Park and a stone's throw away from Bukit Timah Nature Reserve, this three-bedroom, 1,378 sq ft condominium apartment is perfect for its nature-loving owners.

The 38-year-old IT professionals, who wanted to be known only as Gordon and Milian, purchased the resale unit about two years ago.

They moved into the home in January 2019, together with their two children aged eight and five, after a three-month renovation that cost more than $80,000.

Their brief to Mr. Eloycois Er, principal designer of local firm Estudio, was for a bright, airy interior that was modern and luxurious.

The couple also preferred natural materials such as wood and stone, with hints of grains and patterns reflecting their love of nature. With two active children and no domestic helper, ease of maintenance was also a factor.

As with his other projects, Mr. Er started the design by mapping out the positions of the air-conditioning units.

"I look for suitable locations for the air-conditioners first to run the trunking so everything is seamlessly integrated," he says.

The walls of the existing kitchen were removed to create an open-concept kitchen-cum-dining area.

As the couple wanted a kitchen island and a large dining table, the two elements were combined into a peninsula that connects to the kitchen counter at one end and extends to form the dining table at the other.

This means one has to walk around it to reach the kitchen from the entrance hallway. However, the enlarged surface area offers greater functionality.

Gordon says: "This is where most of the action takes place - from getting homework done to building Lego sets. It is also the de facto spot for photo-taking when we have friends over."

The living room was kept simple with clean lines, and neutral color and material palettes, so as not to distract from the view of the lush greenery framed by the full-height glass doors leading to the balcony.

The feature wall is clad in wood laminate and a white marble veneer, pulling off a minimalist look while also providing storage and display shelving.

"The color scheme, right down to the curtains, was carefully thought out to achieve a delicate balance between dark and light colors," says Mr. Er.

The master bedroom follows a hotel concept, where a simple headboard and other furniture pieces from the family's previous home come together in an elegant scheme with a soothing ambiance.


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