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Suggested steps to rebuild an old house:

Remodeling an old house requires a significant outlay of money that is why it is essential to know how to face the whole process from start to finish step by step.

You have to have several things already known before you start spending money, such as if you want to build upstairs and whether you can build a second floor in the house, among other things.

How or where to start remodeling an old house?

If you are about to buy a house with the certainty that you have to remodel, or if you are simply going to rebuild your house, the first thing to do is to make a diagnosis of the general condition of the home before anything else.

Everything must be inspected as far as possible, ceilings, walls, humidity. Although there are things you cannot know until breaking or opening such as the state of the foundations or the facilities for example.

But if we have a good eye for the appearance and aesthetics of the house, we can have a suspicion of what period the house is. Also, be able to interpret what type of foundations it may have or what type of pipes for example (iron, copper, lead, etc.) but we see the real state when we discover and break.

Likewise, in an old house, it must be borne in mind that the facilities must be renovated 100% hot and cold water, drain, gas, and electricity.

The project and design of the reconstruction of an old house:

The second thing is to think about developing a project and a design, with this we will have even more certainty and control that we are going to do exactly. Are we going to leave the walls and environments as they are? Are we going to join environments? Are we going to separate rooms without walls? Are we going to expand square footage beyond the original house?

All this is contemplated in a project and it is very important to do it to optimize expenses. The architect is the right person to go through the whole process and arrive at a satisfactory result.

A professional is trained to carry out all the steps, from making the diagnosis to knowing how to act, preparing the project and design based on the client's requirements to starting the remodeling.

Here are some simple steps to proceed to remodel an old home:

1. Contact and hire an Architect:

To make a diagnosis of the general condition of the house and based on that and the claims of the owner, prepare a design project and an action plan.

2. Search and compare quotes:

Of labor and materials. The more information we have on hand to budget, the less additional we will have during the rebuilding process.

3. Contact the workforce:

With budgets in hand, decide and hire first the construction mason and then the plumber, electrician, gas worker, roofer, painters, etc.

4. Begin the remodel:

We already have the project and the contracted bricklayer only remains to coordinate the start of work.

Once the work is completed, the end of the work must be requested, in this way it is certified before the regulatory entities that said work was closed. offer the CHEAPEST Direct Renovation Electrical Contractor Services (Singapore - HDB, Condo, Landed, Commercials)

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