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Renovation of your home: Painting of your apartments and houses:

If you look at your house and would like to change something, but don't know where to start, this article will help you! The renovation of apartments and houses can start with their colors. That's right! Painting the walls is a way to change energy, bring new sensations to the environment, and, of course, explore creativity in times of quarantine. Throughout this article, we show you how to perform the task safely and without spending a lot.

First of all, to renovate apartments and houses by painting you need to prepare yourself and prepare the environment. For you, make sure you have all the personal protective equipment (goggles, masks, gloves, and apron, for example). This is essential to prevent ink residue from getting on you, your eyes, etc. For the environment, protect furniture and the floor with plastic sheeting. In addition to protecting them, post-painting cleaning will become much more practical too.

Materials and tools:

You don't have to leave the house to buy the materials and tools necessary for the renovation of apartments and houses, starting with painting. On the internet, you can easily find all materials and tools required to paint your home.

The things you will be required such as plastic canvas, foam roller, anti-splash kit, brush, rectangular brush, and, of course, the paints.

Odorless paints:

As in the next few days, the recommendation is that everyone stays at home, the renovation of apartments and houses by painting cannot become a nuisance. So, invest in odorless paints. This is the best way to prepare the space and not cause discomfort for allergy sufferers, children, among others.

How to paint?

1. Prepare the environment with the tips mentioned above. Then, separate your materials and tools

2. Pay attention to the insulation of sockets and windows

3. Sand all the walls that will undergo renovation so that they are uniform

4. In cases of imperfections in the wall, putty can fill

5. Apply sealer and, soon after, thin layers of putt

6. Apply the paint following the recommendations of each manufacturer

It is worth mentioning that it is important to maintain the same brush movement for the result to be uniform and attractive.

Renewing the colors of the house is always essential:

Renovating apartments and houses with paint can be a way to also renew energy. That's because colors directly mess with our feelings and emotions. In addition, in times of quarantine, it is good to occupy the time with care for your residence.

Count on our renovating and remodeling services:

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