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Renovating your office: the best tips:

The renovation of professional offices is often necessary when the premises begin to have a few years of existence. The paint that is dull and peeling, a carpet that is threadbare from successive passages, air conditioners, and heaters to be reviewed, etc. Renovation work can quickly cost money. It will therefore be necessary to make an inventory beforehand in order to make a list of your precise needs and cost the work with the help of professionals to assess your work budget precisely.

In the case of renovation, take into account the existing situation and focus on certain points:

- Does your existing office need to be completely overhauled or will you keep certain elements of the workrooms to only make small repairs (example: decoration, new layout, choice of new furniture)?

- If the office is refurbished, the final cost will not be the same because it will be necessary to consider larger work (example: painting, laying of a floor covering, creation of windows to let in natural light, even changing of the existing joinery and windows to improve thermal insulation, for example…);

- You will also need to account for office equipment: do you want to equip your employees with new computer stations, telephones and scanners/photocopiers or are they still in good working order and do you want to focus only on renovation work? other than equipment?

- You must list the work to be done for the renovation of the office because they will be decisive in getting an idea of ​​your work budget.

For example, if you have to break down partitions to enlarge rooms and redo an electrical installation, have this work cost by professionals.

If you have a comfortable budget for work, take the opportunity to review the thermal insulation and ventilation and to have the air conditioning and heating checked if it has not already been done.

Office renovation: thinking about ergonomics:

Your office renovation project can also be a good opportunity to review the ergonomics of workstations and bring equipment up to standard and improve the working conditions of employees.

Ergonomics must allow all employees to feel good in their environment and not to suffer during long seated stations or long hours on the screen (example: adapting screens, opting for ergonomic keyboards, etc.).

Today, some companies such as start-ups are considering mixing seated workstations and counters where the employee can stand, in order to avoid the problems associated with a sedentary lifestyle. In terms of office furniture, progress is constant and the layout possibilities can be studied upstream with a designer assisted by a specialist in ergonomics.

What are the trades that can intervene in the renovation of an office?

If you renovate an office with heavy work, several professionals may be called upon for the site, in particular:

- For the study and design of the work: the architect, interior designer, decorator-designer;

- For the layout of the offices: the engineering firm, the space planner, the building economist,

- The works supervisor to coordinate the site with the architect;

- The different trades: painter, electrician, mason, heating engineer, refrigeration engineer, carpenter (windows), etc.

- Finally, the inspection office can check whether all the works carried out to comply with technical standards (safety, thermal performance standards, etc.). offer the CHEAPEST Direct Renovation Electrical Contractor Services (Singapore - HDB, Condo, Landed, Commercials)

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