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Precautions to Take While You Are on A Site Survey During COVID

Despite the brief lull brought about by COVID-19, real estate markets in Singapore have been going through business as usual. If you have been considering getting your own apartment but have been putting off the site visits because of the COVID fears, you can go ahead with your plans with just a few precautions. The same goes if you have been getting some major remodeling or repairs done on your home and can’t wait to see how it is going on. Here is what you need to keep in mind for a safe site survey amid the pandemic.

What To Expect At A Construction Site

If you have a responsible company managing your construction or repair work, the site should be following a strict COVID-19 protocol. This means only as many workers as are strictly needed, proper protective gear, and physical distancing. If you intend to visit, you should inform well in advance so that the site manager can ensure that neither the workers nor your safety is compromised.

Safety Measures From Your End

Of course, you are anxious to see the results of the work you have commissioned, but avoid visiting unless your site manager confirms that there is significant progress since your last visit. Just as you do not invite repairmen into your home unless it is an emergency, do not insist on visiting unless it is really important. Be sure to:

· Check with the manager for the most convenient time, preferably when there are fewer workers. Be sure to wear a proper mask and gloves when you visit.

· Do not take everyone in the family along. One or two adults at most should carry out the visit. Children and elderly family members should not go along.

· Do not go if you have even the slightest cold or cough and submit to temperature checks before being admitted to the site. Also, reschedule the visit if any family members are suffering from fever or cold.

· Wear a PPE if possible, and be sure to thoroughly sanitize your hands before and after the visit.

Expected Safety Measures At The Site

At a construction site, even in the days before COVID, there are safety protocols in place. These should be strictly adhered to. In addition:

· The construction company should ensure that all workers have their temperature checked daily.

· The workers should be wearing masks as per the regulations and other protective gear too.

· No workers should interact with a visiting homeowner unless it is really necessary.

· A safe distance is to be maintained at all times.

· The site should be regularly sanitized.

COVID-19 is going to be around for a while, and it looks like we will have to learn to live with it. At the same time, life has to go on, and with just a bit of caution, we can make sure the quality of our lives is not affected. Let the joys of owning a home not be hampered by the pandemic!

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