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Our complete guide to renovating your home:

Renovating your house from top to bottom is a major project. It is often stressful, expensive, and time-consuming. That's why it's important to partner with an experienced contractor or company who will understand your expectations, stay within your budget, and be able to work within the agreed-upon time frame.

It goes without saying that for a complete home renovation, you also need an excellent project manager to coordinate all the steps. With the right team, tackling a project as large as a complete home remodel will be easier to manage and, ultimately, more enjoyable.

In this guide, we'll outline the main steps to completely remodeling a home.

How to plan a complete renovation of your house?

We evaluate the success of a project by measuring the gap between the final result and the initial objectives. It is therefore important to clearly define your objectives before you start. For example:

- Increase the value of your property

- Reduce your energy costs

- Make the house more comfortable to live in

- Adapting your home to a life change

The extent of the renovations:

In the world of home renovation, we talk about minor renovations, standard renovations, and major renovations.

Minor renovations:

- Refresh the paint

- Replace doors

- Replace/upgrade electrical outlets

Current renovations:

- Change the floor, including the subfloor

- Renovate and/or relocate your kitchen or bathroom

- Replace windows and doors

- Modify part of the electricity or plumbing

Major renovations:

- Enlarge the house

- Converting an apartment building into a single-family home

- Completely redo the electrical and plumbing

- Improve insulation

- Modify load-bearing elements

- Replace the exterior siding of the house

Minor renovations and many common renovations do not require the intervention of an architect, structural engineer, or technologist. Major renovations almost always require at least one of these professionals. Your remodeling project manager or company can suggest the right professional based on your project and your goals.

When should I start planning my renovations?

If you need plans drawn up by an architect, technologist, designer, or engineer and approved by your municipality, plan a minimum of 4 to 6 months before the start of the work. When the renovations are major and concern your whole house or several rooms, it is better to plan ahead. As there are many elements to consider, good planning and preparation are the keys to success.

It is strongly recommended that you live in your home before renovating it. This will give you a good idea of ​​how you are using the space and what is missing.

If you are buying an old house that needs a lot of work and is unlivable, this may not be possible. In this case, try entering the house at different times of the day to assess the natural light and the interior temperature when it is colder outside. However, living in your home before renovating it, even just a little, will allow you to make more informed decisions about what you need and what to do. offer the CHEAPEST Direct Renovation Electrical Contractor Services (Singapore - HDB, Condo, Landed, Commercials)

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