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Incorporate some greenery into your WFH room.

Your home office is now well-equipped for those video calls. But now, how about giving it a little something extra to make work more productive and fun? Talking about having plants around you is what we're talking about now. If you have a lot of greenery around, it is said to be calming and stop stress from building up. There are also a lot of other benefits to this. For example, snake plants are said to remove toxins from the air, and aloe vera is said to be good for healing. So, add a few plants to your home office and we're sure you won't be sorry. If you're back at work for only a little while, you can still add green touches to your space with a few simple ideas.

How do you make your work space look more like a countryside?

The best place for your plants is one that gets a lot of sunlight.

In the beginning,

choose small succulents that will help you adapt to having plants in your home.

• Always use a potting mix that is right for your home. Do not use garden soil.

If you want to add a little flair to it,

Use different types of pots, like terracotta pots, glass jars, bulbs, and mud pots.

• Room corners look brighter with tall pots.

• Place a terrarium on your work desk to make it look nice. A small bookshelf garden is also a great way to show off your home.

What to do

Make your own home garden with aloe vera and philodendron. There are many plants that will do well in your home. Jade plants, spider plants, snake plants, ball cacti, aloe vera and philodendron are all good choices. You can also make your own terrarium.

Have no room on the desk? 

Make a vertical garden with box planters that are hung on the wall. You can hang bulbs from a window sill or the ceiling.

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