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Ideas and advice, what to keep and what not to do in a renovation?

In-home or office renovation, there are many points and aspects to take into account, and each of them should proceed according to the aforementioned diagnosis. Below we will analyze each of these points taking into account some ideas and tips:

The walls:

Except that they are in ruins and have to be demolished on the walls, the state of the plasters must be checked more than anything else. That they are not detached or broken, it usually happens that in the past in the plasters a lot of lime was used and this made them quite weak and this is noticeable when we want to make a hole it is very easy for us because the plaster is very soft.


Like the walls, it is necessary to check that the structural part is well, otherwise, it must be removed and made new. Once it is resolved that the structure is good, it is necessary to make sure that there are no leaks or water entrances on any side.

In the case of replacing the ceiling, it is necessary to know well the types of ceilings to install the most appropriate in each case.

The installations:

In an old and deteriorated house, it must be taken into account that we are going to have to replace all the facilities and that entails a significant part of the total reconstruction budget.

Hot and cold water:

Old water pipes used to be made of lead, copper, or iron. This must be replaced by pipes. Not only the pipes that are inside the walls, usually the uprights that go down and up the reserve tank also have to be replaced by pipes.

It is useless to change only one section and leave the rest because we believe that it is fine, where we activate the water again the old pipes will likely begin to suffer and they will have to be replaced with the reform already completed.

Sewers and drains:

Formerly the sewage pipes were made of concrete or iron, the idea is to replace them when we work in the bathroom and kitchen, and also replace the section that crosses the house to the outside.


The same old epoxy pipes are ideal to be replaced. Although it may be that these are still in condition and can be used, for this you have to see a registered gas operator (part of the project) to guide us and recommend the best and cheapest option.


Formerly, iron pipes or pipes were used to pass all the cables of the electrical installation, also the connectors, mouths, or boxes were made of iron, so it is very common to find many rotten and rusty sections as well.


Disassemble and remove appliances such as the toilet, bidet, sink, and bathtub if you have one. Peel off all liner and tear to remove and replace old hot and cold-water pipes.

As in new construction, in reform the bathroom is the most expensive, that is why distributing a bathroom correctly is important. If the bathroom is in very poor condition, it is most likely that it will have to be completely dismantled. offer the CHEAPEST Direct Renovation Electrical Contractor Services (Singapore - HDB, Condo, Landed, Commercials)

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