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How to protect your pet during the renovation work?

Usually, cats and dogs are the favorite pets of most people. Hugs, players, real members of the family... If you are planning to renovate your home, this guide will help you how to protect your pet during the renovation work.

Taking care of your pet during renovation work

The best is obviously to be able to entrust your animal to a third person in order to carry out your work quietly. Animals with senses even more developed than ours (smell, hearing) will find themselves greatly inconvenienced in the middle of a construction site. The dust and the noises emitted could generate stress and disturb them unnecessarily.

What are the tips for protecting your pet during the renovation?

However, it is not necessarily possible for everyone to be able to keep their furry friends away while doing renovations. This does not prevent us from being benevolent by taking certain precautionary measures towards them.

Among the most common attention, remember to store or make inaccessible household products, solvents, and other toxic products. But also tools, sharp, pointed, and heavy objects such as hammers. Systematically close paint cans and other containers that can be sealed.

Finally, beware of equipment that could fall to the ground: wood chips, screws, and thumbtacks, are all sources of risk and injury for an animal.

Practical tips for a safe and healthy home:

Work piece by piece, don't ransack the whole house because you want to tackle all the jobs. Thus, your pet will always keep a comfortable space away from nuisances.

Clean as often as possible. Vacuum, disinfect, and ventilate so that your interior remains healthy. Finally, hide the exposed electrical wires, and generally tidy up your workspace once the day is over.

Insuring your pet for its comfort and safety is a necessary prevention. However, you should not neglect to preserve your environment during renovation work, which can quickly harm it. A few simple tips to put in place allow you to keep your pet calm, and protect him effectively, while you carry out your renovation project.

With an animal at home, remember to ventilate often:

Before embarking on the big cleaning, open all the windows wide. This will change the air, thus getting rid of odors. Remember to block the doors well to prevent them from slamming. By closing violently, a door can injure your animal or simply scare it.

When you have an animal, dust tends to populate every nook and cranny. And if you have the misfortune to move a blanket or a cushion, it's a cloud of dust and mites that land and trigger a series of sneezes. The amount of dust, hair, and mites that lodge there is quite impressive. If some people around you are allergic or sensitive, do not hesitate to use an anti-mite product on your textiles.

Once everything is well shaken, we can start dusting and then vacuuming. Feel free to leave your duvets on the window sill while you clean. This will give them a good boost.



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