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How to design main bathrooms? 4 tips to achieve it?

Are you planning to design your bathroom? Then stick to this blog and learn the most important 4 tips to achieve it.

1. Think about how to distribute the main bathroom:

A successful bathroom remodeling begins with knowing the space in which you are going to work in detail. And it doesn't matter if it's big or small! A good distribution and the right measurements of coverings and furniture are what will allow you to design a dream bathroom.

First, consider that the main bathrooms must have, as a minimum, the following sanitary items: toilet, sink, tub or shower, and accessories (towel racks, toilet paper holders, mirrors).

With spacious bathrooms, you won't have much problem locating all the sanitary pieces comfortably and still have free space. But, what if the mission is the design of small bathrooms?

In this case, the distribution depends on the position of the door and the area it occupies when opened. With this clear, you can start planning the placement of the pieces. The first recommendation is to place a door with a minimum width or a sliding door, so you can gain valuable centimeters.

2. Decide on a color palette and materials for the bathroom:

Once you have planned the distribution, which is the functional part, what follows is taking care of the bathroom design as such, that is the aesthetic part. Here it is about choosing a color palette for the bathroom that reflects the personality and is aligned with the character of the house.

Modern bathroom design can be inspired by any of the interior design trends, such as:

The style of rustic bathrooms generates a feeling of warmth. In this, earth colors and the use of organic materials prevail.

The modern bathrooms, which create a minimalist atmosphere of sophistication. Here, monochrome palettes ranging from white to black, and materials such as glass or metal are used.

The Mediterranean style, which produces a calm and peaceful atmosphere. This handles blue and white colors and materials such as hydraulic tiles.

Once you choose a style for the bathroom, it will help guide the purchase of coverings, furniture, equipment, and accessories.

3. Choose the floor and wall coverings:

The choice of coatings should never be made lightly. Think of it like this. These are the aesthetic basis for furniture, sanitary ware, accessories, and decoration, therefore, they must enchant you and play harmoniously with the other bathroom design elements.

4. Complete the bathroom design with the right furniture:

Finally, the choice of furniture is key to ensuring functionality and comfort, and to emphasize the style you want for the bathroom. Again, if the space you have is large, you can practically install all the furniture and sanitary pieces you want: bidets, countertops, double sinks, tubs, showers, etc.

But if you need to optimize the design of small bathrooms, there are interesting alternatives. For example, instead of installing traditional toilets, you can install wall-hung toilets that favor the feeling of spaciousness. Toilets with built-in bidets are also available to save space.

At, you will find coverings with exclusive designs, modern sinks, tubs and showers, modern faucets, and everything you need to make your bathroom design a reality.

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