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How to arrange your living space to feel good?

To create a space that is both intimate and that looks like you, sometimes you just need to change a few things at home. Here are our tips for making your living space more enjoyable.

A living room organized for more privacy:

The living room is the favorite room for everyone, it is a warm place where we like to relax. If you want a space of intimacy, it is not winning. However, intelligent layout solutions make it possible to offer everyone their space for their activity. Here is an example of a layout for privacy in a room, yet requested by the whole family.

There is a shelf that separates the living room into two parts. One person can settle into the sofa with a book in hand while another can warm up peacefully by the fireplace. And if you want to optimize your space, opt for a convertible piece of furniture.

A private space for your children:

Children also need privacy to feel good. How to monitor them and let them in their little world at the same time? Thanks to a small tent set up near you, you're done! Without forgetting some cushions for more comfort and, of course, lots of toys to amuse them.

In addition to giving them their own space, you also enjoy moments of intimacy in your living room. And so that the "child" space is not too bulky, the furniture can also stick to the wall.

Create a bathroom for two:

Not easy to share a bathroom in the morning. While you apply yourself to your brushing, sir has decided to invade your space to shave. You are tight and deprived of your movements as the clock flies by.

You painfully remember the number of times you received a slap in the face when you were putting on your favorite bright red lipstick. How to cure it? By installing two sinks and two mirrors, the problem is solved. You will have plenty of time to get ready easily at the same time and leave your things lying around, tidy, without feeling guilty. No more jostling in the morning.

Dedicate space for hobbies:

A hobby of any kind helps you thrive and improve your well-being. Why not dedicate a favorite spot in your home to these hobbies? It is obvious that if you like to paint, the space will be more consequent than if you like to read. However, with the help of a practical and intelligent layout, there is always a way to exercise your passion. A trolley is still the best option, robust and equipped with four wheels, it moves easily and according to your desires, even in the smallest spaces.

A bright and airy kitchen:

Nothing is more relaxing than peeling and chopping vegetables in a bright and airy kitchen. We favor closed storage to hide your dishes and why not some beautiful uncovered plates, which can also be practical to store? Show what you want, and hide the rest to avoid a cluttered room. Believe it or not, a tidy workspace will make you want to cook more.


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