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How to arrange the space of your workplace?

A workplace is a place where we spend the most hours, so it is essential to feel good there. This is why it is advisable to ensure that it is a pleasant and friendly environment. It has also been proven that the interior design of offices has a strong impact on the productivity of the company. How to effectively organize your workspace? Let’s find out:

How to choose the right organization for your workplace?

To arrange your workspace, you will have to choose a precise architecture, according to your needs and your way of working. There are several types of office space layouts in companies. In general, companies configure their layouts on the following organizations:

- Individual offices

- Open Space

- Semi-open collective offices

- Workstations not assigned to a specific employee

Each type of interior design has its pros and cons. Indeed, individual offices are the classic form of fitting professional spaces. They have the advantage of allowing the concentration and execution of confidential work. The open space, on the other hand, is a kind of open platform that allows you to save real space and which promotes great mobility as well as productivity. However, this configuration can also cause a loss of concentration, and intimacy and create ambient noise.

To overcome the various disadvantages of open space, more and more companies are opting for an interior layout with semi-open offices which creates isolation between several employees who work in the same room, promoting better comfort, more intimacy, concentration, and confidentiality. It is also now possible to set up nomadic offices which are used periodically depending on the projects carried out. These are workspaces that are not assigned specifically to workers.

How to choose the right professional furniture?

Whether open or closed workspaces, the choice of furniture is essential in interior design. The furniture has a wide choice of classic or more contemporary shapes and colors for optimal customization. It is possible, for example, to choose a desk with a square plan, which is simple and practical, or even a desk with a return. It will also be necessary to opt for functional office chairs, preferably with a tilting mechanism, for more flexibility.

For the development of open offices, the company must above all invest in the purchase of ergonomic furniture and open-plan offices. Employers can also opt for the smart office.

In addition, for better organization of the interior layout, it is advisable to use clever storage. It will be necessary to make the choice of storage with volumes adapted to the formats of the files and binders. For smarter organization, it is possible to opt for desks with an integrated bookcase or for storage boxes on wheels that match the desk.

What about lighting and decor?

When it comes to lighting, the workspace should be designed to make maximum use of natural light in order to relieve the eyes and preserve morale. It is also recommended to install the desks perpendicular to the windows so that they are not disturbed by the sun. The interior layout must also include lighting for each workstation by means of an individual lamp.



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