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How to achieve minimalist spaces while remodeling your home?

At this point in life, we ​​know that the only constant changes. Part of the nature of the human being is to want to change and everything we do to follow this intention is projected in our environment. Every so often we want to make a change of look, change jobs or remodel our home. So, we can modernize and recharge new energies.

Remodeling, in addition to involving an investment of time and money, also represents an opportunity to value the property and, in the long term, it becomes savings because it avoids more expensive repairs. But, sometimes, remodeling projects remain unfinished because end up being more expensive than we imagine. To avoid this, consider a few important points before you begin.

The decoration of minimalist spaces is here to stay and become, not only a decorative style but also a lifestyle. Today we want to delve even more into the subject and give you more specific tips so that minimalism reigns in your environments. Read on if you want to achieve sobriety, spaciousness, elegance, purity, and serenity in your decoration.


Furniture should be simple and in neutral colors in minimalist spaces. Forget about colorful bedding or large prints, if you can get the bed dressed in white, the better. Other options are earthy and grayish tones. With two nightstands it is more than enough, but do not store them with objects, store them in the drawers and put lamps with simple metal structures and that's it.

If you want to add other elements, include a mirror, a couple of paintings, and, perhaps, a shelf or a vanity to hold photos and special memories. The closet must be of smooth and simple textures.

Less is more:

The best friends of the rooms are the entertainment centers, beautiful, functional, they provide style and elegance. But the key for minimalist rooms is not to have more objects than you need, do not fill by filling. A couple of sofas (depending on the space you have available), a central table with a couple of decorations, a rug, and accessories such as sculptures, tall floor lamps, paintings, plants, vases, or the elements that you like the most, although always have present that “less is more”.

Home office:

That precious place, where we now spend most of our day, is the ideal place for minimalism because it helps us avoid unnecessary elements, which weaken concentration. Besides, who can work at a desk full of objects that have neither head nor tail?

Desks in minimalism have several characteristics such as light colors, straight lines, and few or even no drawers. If you have little space, choose a folding desk and install a mood board that allows you to raise your ideas and give free rein to your imagination.

Before decorating any minimalist room, think about the following concepts: purity, simplicity, serene textures, the usability of the elements, lighting, and spaciousness.

Remember all of these points in mind and remodel your home with simplicity!

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