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Home renovation: see the main tips to start yours:

Renovating an old home can be important to ensure that the structure remains in good condition and that you don't have the extra expense of surprises, such as a crack or a leak.

Despite this, renovating is not just for those who have an older property, but for everyone who wants to somehow change their houses or apartments. However, it is necessary to follow some steps and take some care, to ensure that everything goes according to plan.

Here's what to do if you're planning to renovate an apartment or house: Before starting a renovation you should:

Search references:

Hiring an architect or decorator doesn't always fit in your pocket. So, even before starting the renovation, you can search for some references on websites and social media pages.

So, you can understand what looks cool in smaller spaces, which colors are indicated, and even get inspired by something modern and different, but that is your face.


Did you find a style to follow? It's time to plan to put everything into practice. Define your budget, the project – include everything that will be renovated – and research prices for hiring professionals and labor.

The architect and interior designer may not be in your plans, but the electrician, carpenter, painter, bricklayer, plumber, and engineer may be included in the budget.

Also, remember to determine what the starting point will be, that is, where the work will begin. Are you only going to mess with the kitchen tiles? Are you going to change the electrical installation of the whole house? Or do you intend to build/tear down a wall?

The project cannot be ignored and you will need to be detail-oriented. Here is explained everything that will be renovated in the house. It can be the responsibility of the engineer, the architect, or even yours if it involves something simpler.

Finally, choose the materials that will be used and determine a schedule, with the time limit that the work may take. Within the schedule, it is also important to define the period in which the renovation will be carried out. If it involves something external, it is best to avoid the rainy season, for example.

Construction management:

Try to closely monitor all the renovation that is being done. Also, if you need any authorization, go after it before everything starts. Apartment renovations, for example, must be reported to the building manager.

Formalize all contracts made and ask for proof of payment, which can be a receipt or invoice, to avoid further problems. The ideal is to close an agreement that the professional receives part of the money as a down payment and the rest after everything is completed.

Now you know how to renovate a small house, apartment, or any other property!

Remember that all tips are important and should not be ignored, especially when it comes to work and not something simpler.

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