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Hoarders should know how to keep organised.

A lot of people take a long time to clean a cupboard because they keep finding old things that make them happy. This is for them. Many of us like to keep small but important pieces of time, something that reminds us of a time in our lives. From school to college to work, we keep track of things and put them in our homes. However, sometimes we might think the house is too crowded but can't figure out why.

These tips will help you stay tidy even if you're more of a hoarder than you are an organised person.

Clean the bedroom

You don't want your bedroom to be full of things that make you uncomfortable. If you have a lot of shelves or cupboards in your bedroom, try to put most of your things there. Don't put a lot of things on show in your bedroom because it will make it look small. Put picture frames or wall art from your past in this room.

There is no mess in the kitchen.

A big and clean kitchen can make you feel better right away. Don't put artefacts or kings in the kitchen, please. You can put small magnets on the fridge or the corner cupboards to show off your favourite things. To make your home more positive, make sure that your kitchen is clean and that the walls are pastel.

Finish one thing before moving on to another.

Plan to clean the whole house in one day. If you are a hoarder, you will find things that take a long time to get rid of. Finish one task before moving on to the next one. Start with one room and get rid of everything you haven't used in the last five years. As for the small letter from school, you don't need it. Keep one and move on to the next thing.

One in and one out:

If you add one thing to your scrapbook or memory box, you have to give away the other thing that is in there. If you keep collecting things like this, there won't be any room for the things that are important. You can let go of a few things in your memory box to make room for new things.

Click pictures

Recycling or getting rid of things that were once used together is hard. Nobody wants to throw away something that makes them happy. However, being clean and tidy is just as important. Would you please use technology to take a picture of the things so that you can keep them forever without taking up any space.

Don't put things off.

Keep moving and don't get stuck on one thing and clean just one shelf. Place a cupboard or shelf in your home for your memory box or other things you've kept and only open it when you're off for the week. Clean your house every day and put things in a way that makes it easy for you to find them.

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