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Here are five suggestions for keeping your home free of indoor air pollution.

The thick layer of smoke in the air is causing a lot of pollution, making cities and their neighbouring states have lousy air quality. Bad outdoor air quality can make the indoor air more polluted by two to five times as much as bad outdoor air quality can make it. To control the pollution, the government is taking many steps, but we can also take a few steps inside our own homes.

The following are some ways to cut down on the amount of air pollution in your home:

House ventilation

Sixty percent of the indoor air quality is bad because there isn't enough ventilation. Proper ventilation keeps the non-toxic air inside. A simple way to get good, clean air in and out of the house is to open up the vents. Another thing you can do to keep the air in your home clean is to put in air-purifiers. According to experts, the air filters should be high-efficiency particulate arresting (HEPA).

Avoid smoking or burning candle in the house

People should not smoke or burn candles in their homes.

People who smoke are a big contributor to more air pollution in their living space. It leads to the buildup of smoke and toxic substances, which makes the air inside your home more polluted.

Try to put more plants inside.

By putting plants inside your home or office, you can improve the air quality there. People spend most of their time at home or at work. Plants in the house remove the toxic gases that are released by other things. People who have plants in their rooms don't have to worry about their eyes getting red and itchy. It also helps to reduce stress, which makes it easier to pay attention and prevents coughing and congestion.

If it's possible to get rid of the carpets, do so.

Carpets are a place for small dust particles and pet dander to hide, which makes the air more dirty. Asthma and persistent coughs are caused by dust particles coming from the carpets. Removing carpets is an easy and surefire way to cut down on the amount of air pollution in your home.

Exhaust fans can be used to help keep the air in your home

People who live in the house are more likely to get fungus if the air in the kitchen and bathroom is wet. Fungus has tiny particles that can get into the body and cause a cold, a persistent cough, or even a fungal infection. People will be less likely to get sick if exhaust fans are put in their kitchen and bathroom.

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