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Grow Your Living Space With Attic Renovation

Need a good home-office space? Need a guest room? … or maybe a place where your kids can spend time? Can your apartment grow? The short answer is “YES”.

Hidden Treasure

Remember the small attic door, which you do not dare open? Some people use the attic as a place to dump unneeded stuff. This turns a valuable space into a creepy, dusty, dark place to be avoided. Even the more technically minded think that it is not possible to work around the sloped beams and rafters of the roof. Well, they are wrong. Here is what can be done to polish this hidden treasure of your house or apartment, just waiting to be discovered.

Provided that you have access to an attic space, whatever its size and shape, there are a ton of benefits to its renovation.

Save Money

First of all, you need to upgrade your access to the attic space. This is easily done by selecting from a multitude of folding or fixed miniature stairs or ladders.

Once you are up there, you need to rethink your insulation. Chances are that your insulation is non-existent, insufficient or outdated, and doing a poor job. Plan correctly using our experts and then boost your R-value. This is the amount and type of insulation needed to ensure that the warmth and coolness of your apartment do not “ran away” through the roof. When the attic renovation is done, you will notice that your heating and cooling bill will decrease. The reason is that you will be paying only for what you need and use.

Increase Your Living Space

Now that your insulation is intact, the fun part begins. Just consider what living space extension you need. Here your imagination is the limit. The easiest solution is to turn your renovated attic into a well-organized, easily-accessed walk-in storage space. In this way, you can free your main apartment from many a wardrobe.

Another solution is to turn your renovated attic into a kids’ playing ground. All these sloping ceilings, beams, and niches are gems to be discovered by the young ones and can house a variety of kids’ playing areas.

Well not all of us have kids, but most of us have guests. If your apartment could not accommodate a sleep-over, now that you have a renovated attic, this is quite possible.

You can turn your attic into a guest room. The sloping ceilings are great for accommodating beds of all shapes and sizes. Not only this, but your new guest room could become a cozy sleep-over place, which your guest will be unwilling to leave.

Last, but definitely not least, you could turn your renovated attic into an efficient home office. The restrictions associated with the COVID pandemic made many of us work from home. Until now we had never considered that we may need any home-office arrangements.

Today these seem to be a must for half of the working population. Your renovated attic provides the perfect conditions to create a great home office for one or two people. Lock-downs will never be an issue for you again.

Be smart and renovate your attic.

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