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Find out which professionals to contact for your home renovation work?

Do you know exactly what renovation work you want to do in your home? Do you have a clear idea of ​​the budget needed to complete your project? You can then move on to the next step: canvassing craftsmen and requesting and comparing quotes. Find out which professionals to contact for your work.

For a major renovation project:

If you have decided to undertake a major renovation of your house or apartment (work on the roof of the building, load-bearing walls, modification of the facade, creation of an extension, total interior refitting), it is strongly advised to hire an architect.

This professional will save you a lot of worries. In addition to providing you with sound advice, he is also responsible for supervising all the trades. Like a real conductor, he coordinates the work and takes care of the administrative procedures. You should know that its use is mandatory if your project is to build an extension bringing the living area of ​​your home to more than 150 square meters.

For a light renovation project:

For insulated finishing work or light renovation (thermal insulation of walls and/or attics, replacement of windows, replacement of the interior floor covering, painting, creation of partitions inside the house, upgrading to electricity and plumbing, or renewal of the heating system), it is not necessarily essential to go through a general building company: you can directly contact the craftsmen one by one and request your quotes yourself. same.

Be aware, however, that you will then have to coordinate your site and ensure good communication between the various professionals. You must also ensure that the works comply with your requirements.

If it remains relatively simple when two trades have to intervene (for example the electrician and the painter in the case of an electrical upgrade). It immediately becomes much more complex when you change the plumbing, the electrical circuit, floor, and wall coverings and equipment in your bathroom or kitchen. For example: in these cases, it is better to go through companies specializing in bathroom renovations or kitchen designers.

For renovation and development work:

Refreshment and development works are the simplest to carry out because they generally require less labor and generate fewer constraints. In addition, some operations can, if you are an experienced handyman, be carried out by yourself.

Keep in mind, however, that even the simplest work requires time, patience, equipment, and a choice of suitable products and techniques, and that experience is a guarantee of a quality result. For painting work on your walls, for example, the intervention of a professional can be judicious in order to obtain a lasting and aesthetic result without spending many weekends there.

As for the layout and decoration of your interior, you have the possibility of calling on a decorator or an interior designer to guide you on the right color combinations, on your choice of furniture, or again on an optimal layout according to the available area and architectural constraints.

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