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COVID-19: Safety Precautions To Follow When You Have An Electrician Visit

Homes continue to function as usual even during a pandemic. This means issues like electricity or plumbing failures may continue to crop up and you will need to hire a professional to address it. With adequate precautions in place, there is no reason to fear a visit from an electrician if you need it. Here are some safety precautions you can keep in mind when you have a scheduled visit from an electrician.

Precautions to take before the visit

· Hire from a reliable professional agency

An agency that follows rules will ensure that they will only send a person to your home who suffers from no infectious conditions. All protocols as laid down by the government should be followed including temperature checks, masks, and gloves.

· Agree on safety measures beforehand

Make sure you and the agency are on the same page regarding precautions. You can also lay down rules like sanitisation before entering your premises.

· The electrician should bring all necessary equipment

Ideally, there should be no borrowing of even something as minor as a screwdriver from the house being visited. This will ensure there is no unsafe contact or additional surfaces being touched during the visit.

· No more persons than absolutely essential

Normally a single person should be conducting the visit for a routine fixing job around the house. If you have a larger problem that requires more than one person, make sure you know exactly how many persons are coming and what areas of the house they will need to access. This makes it easier for family members to stay out of the way.

Steps to take after the visit

After the electrician has left, thoroughly sanitise your home. First, wipe down with a disinfecting solution or sanitiser, every surface the electrician may have come in contact with. This includes where he may have placed his tool kit and every switchboard or appliance he has touched. If possible, wipe the floor also with a cleaning solution. If you have offered any beverage or refreshment to the electrician, take special care in cleaning the utensils. Do not touch them directly before cleaning – it is safer to pick them up with a tissue and drop them into soapy water or directly load them into your dishwasher.

Precautions for the safety of the electrician

The same diligence you show for your own safety should also be shown to people who come into your home. Firstly, if there is anyone in the house who is self-isolating or otherwise sick, postpone your electrical work for later. Do no expose an outsider to the risk of germs in your house. Secondly, make sure family members stay away and avoid unnecessary contact with the electrician.

As with any social interaction in this period, all concerned should be wearing masks and not coming within at least 1.5m of each other.

Following these simple tips will ensure all stay safe while the electrician attends to your electrical problems.

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