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Conversion of office space to a flex office:

What should you watch out for in the flex office concept?

Are you planning a new office space concept? Are you open to innovative, flexible work? Or are you already in the middle of restructuring your office space? In any case, now is the right time, as many employees are still working from home due to the corona pandemic.

Digitization is experiencing a boost not least from Corona. And in our blog article, you will learn what advantages the flexible workplace strategy brings and what you should pay attention to.

The principles of a flex office are simple: individual rooms with desk sharing workstations in a common, open, flexible, and networked work environment. By reducing costs, increasing productivity, well-being, and mobility of employees and digitizing workplaces, the concept of flexible offices has gradually found its way into many companies around the world.

The new design of digital workplaces:

When it comes to adopting emerging technologies and moving towards digital transformation, many companies are still reluctant to change. Other companies, on the other hand, have recognized the need for flexibility and mobility for their employees.

You are rethinking and initiating a redesign of traditional models in favor of open, efficient, and digital workplaces for your employees. This trend is led by many companies. All of them have focused on the real digitization of their company and conversion into flex offices.

They realize that everything is digital nowadays. It affects the way employees work and also what they expect from their company in terms of the services and experiences offered. Deloitte company has completely converted its workstations into a flex office. They offer their employees various options so that each consultant or partner can work freely in an assigned work zone and operate every service via smartphones.

At our company, open spaces and new meeting rooms encourage collaboration between the teams and represent the beginning of a real cultural change. In the meantime, hundreds of employees have been encouraged and supported to reorganize themselves with activity-related spatial planning.

The return on investment of the room renovation:

The cost of renovating an office to adapt to changes that companies go through to meet employee collaboration and meeting needs is often of little importance compared to the rental prices paid by tenants over the life of the building.

By checking the rental conditions and the budget costs for the renovation, it becomes clear which significant cost advantages a renovation brings with it. In addition, investments in new technological and electrical infrastructures can lead to lower operating costs and enable companies to meet their corporate responsibilities.

The rise of the flex office: advantages of the offices of the future:

The work mentality of the new generation as well as the rapid adoption of new technologies required a revision of the workplace strategy and corporate culture, with real effects on the management dimension, the use of staff, and space. What are the main advantages of flex offices?

- Flexibility

- Cost reduction & space efficiency

- Breaking up the departmental structures

To have a successful flex office, it is necessary to use the right technology and encourage all employees to make this change! offer the CHEAPEST Direct Renovation Electrical Contractor Services (Singapore - HDB, Condo, Landed, Commercials)

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