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Advantages of spacious home office spaces:

In situations like this, there is nothing like having the joy of working at home, the rules of the game have changed and it is the only way that some people can keep their jobs and respect the quarantine. Making a home office has its pros and cons and, although it is the dream of many, it is necessary to adapt.

Home office translates a space to work at home. Although it seems a very modern term, it is possible that in your family, perhaps your grandparents, they made home office. Previously, the jobs of seamstresses or home cooks were very common, even, in even more ancient times, blacksmiths, artisans, and apothecaries created and marketed products from home. In the end, it is a term with more history than we think.

With this modality, comes the need to find solutions to adapt our home to this new dynamic. Having a large or multi-story house gives us many more advantages when it comes to making a home office. Some of them are:

- Assign spaces for work, rest, games, and family moments.

- When the house has a patio or terrace, we have a gym a few steps away. This takes great importance when a sedentary lifestyle is one of the risks of the home office.

- There is more privacy and less noise when meeting online.

- You are more likely to have natural light.

Ideal house for home office:

Due to the global situation, staying in the security of our homes is essential and digital adaptation has become even more necessary since it allows us to maintain and improve the performance of our employees. Unfortunately, not all jobs can be done remotely, and those that do need new habits to stay productive.

Work in your dream place:

Living and working from a large house means, among other things, tranquility and privacy, but we must take into account some specific points so as not to lose focus on our occupations.

Be careful with lighting: If you usually work for a long time in front of a computer, the brightness should be at a medium level so as not to affect your eyesight. When there is no natural light, fluorescent lamps should be avoided, choose a light with a natural appearance, preferably warm tones.

Adequate spaces:

Space is a key part of all this adaptation. Set a specific place to work. A comfortable chair, a good-sized table, and close electrical connections are the minimum requirements.

It is not advisable to work from the bed or the chair because the position can cause neck and back contractures, in addition, there is the temptation to go back to sleep at any time.

Suitable spaces for home office:

If there are several people in the house, everyone needs to work and there is not enough space, it is time to consider the option of acquiring a larger space, with a study set just the way we like it and where each member of the family can perform openly.

The situation has given us the opportunity to evaluate in detail the possibilities we have to acquire a larger space, close to green spaces and a little away from the chaos of the city.

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