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7 tips for industrial cleaning

Maintaining a clean and orderly work environment is an issue that should not be overlooked since good industrial cleaning is essential in any factory. It is recommended to maintain a daily hygiene routine, for which we must always use cleaning products, from antibacterial soap to an industrial degreaser or other products with very specific characteristics.

Containment measures to prevent the spread of the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus or any other fatal virus require strengthening the cleaning and disinfection programs that companies have in place and that include rooms, facilities, surfaces, and utensils, as well as offices, furniture, changing rooms and hygienic services as a preventive measure.

The changing rooms and common areas will be cleaned more frequently and at least after each work shift, taking special care of those parts that have been touched by hands, such as the doors of the ticket offices, and the benches to sit on.

Let's remember that there is currently a wide variety of products on the market, which are classified according to the use for which they were manufactured and so we begin with our 7 tips for industrial cleaning:

1. Each product is made for a purpose:

That is why a specific cleaning process must be carried out for each dirt. Each dirt needs a different treatment for its care, both in the procedure, and products that are used, as well as in periodicities. Sanitation of the automotive industry where car parts are manufactured is not the same as cleaning the food industry where the product will be destined for human consumption.

2. Trained staff for cleaning:

It is necessary that the personnel that will carry out these activities be trained on the process and use of each one of the materials, as well as having knowledge of the surfaces in which it will be applied since they must know the consequences derived from bad execution.

3. Responsible cleaning:

It is important to develop cleaning processes respecting the environment, not only using items that do not pollute as much as biodegradable products, but resources such as water and energy must also be taken care of.

4. Minimize your costs:

Having a high number of cleaning and disinfection inputs increases the risks and costs in the process. A proper and standardized choice will help to minimize these and increase work efficiency.

5. Monitoring of cleaning processes:

Having a follow-up of the facilities in terms of sanitation and disinfection, in the equipment to verify its correct execution as well as the state of the facilities, will help to carry out cleaning routines in a preventive and non-corrective manner and with this make processes easier.

6. Use the right equipment:

It is common for cleaning personnel not to use the appropriate accessories in the cleaning process, which is why it is very important to provide staff with face masks, gloves, copies, and other products that help with health care.

7. Set priorities:

This will help the correct execution of the process and that important cleaning aspects are not overlooked, ensuring clean surfaces and places in the company.



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