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7 amazing tips to renovate your kitchen and make it look splendid:

Here is an indispensable guide for anyone who wants to renovate their kitchen and minimize errors in the process. Check out the following 7 amazing and very useful tips to renovate your kitchen

1. Get informed first:

It is important that you are clear about what you want. Never start your kitchen until you have the totality of it decided. If you do the work without first visiting an interior design studio and renovation service or a showroom, you can make mistakes. For that it is good that you execute some steps first:

- Take the measurement of width, length, and height of the space in which you will make your kitchen.

- Take photos and visit a showroom.

2. The budget is important:

Ask for several estimates to have an orientation of how much your new kitchen costs, but keep in mind that it has to last a long time. Buying the cheapest will give you the worst result. In a mobile phone from the cheapest to the most expensive the amount is multiplied x10 (1000%). From a bad kitchen to a good kitchen, the amount barely rises by 25% with a much higher difference in duration and design.

3. Take the floor and appliances into consideration:

The floor and the kitchen cabinet are the two elements of your kitchen that are most abused. In both, it is worth investing more money since, in addition to being the ones that suffer the most, they are the most difficult to replace (you have to disassemble the whole kitchen again to replace them) we recommend porcelain or vinyl. The latter has beautiful finishes and is inexpensive.

4. Get advice:

Many decor and furniture magazines publish photos that are more than 10 years old. Go to a kitchen studio or showroom with an open mind, since only then will you achieve a more current, more beautiful, and better-quality kitchen. Going to an interior design studio and renovation service will give you a broader and more current notion of what your kitchen should carry.

5. Choose the right colors:

As for the colors for your kitchen, the idea is to choose those tones that provide greater amplitude and luminosity. In not too spacious rooms, the most used are white, beige, and other soft tones. You will see kitchens that have more vivid colors, such as green or red. They are very attractive colors as long as the kitchen is spacious and the combinations with other colors are the most appropriate.

6. Walls and pavements:

Although sometimes they are not given great importance, walls and flooring play a very important role in the functionality of a kitchen, as well as in its final result. The most advisable thing is to opt for finishes that facilitate cleaning and that are kept in good condition.

7. Combination of colors and textures:

You always have the possibility to combine and mix different colors for the room. Use, for example, one tone for the upper furniture and a different one for the lower furniture. That way, you can create very attractive contrasts. You can also mix wood finishes with smooth and bright colors to give your kitchen a warm touch.

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