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6 Top tips to reform your kitchen successfully:

Are you thinking of renovating your kitchen but don't know where to start? We give you 6 good tips so that the reform of your kitchen is a success. A kitchen must be practical, cozy, and functional, we tell you how to get the perfect kitchen.


1. Why reform the kitchen?

This is a preliminary question that must be asked before making the decision. Reform is something exceptional in the normal life of a family - and more if it is in the kitchen. It usually causes discomfort and discomfort, so you have to be clear about what you want to do and why.

Be clear from the beginning what you want and why. Before making the decision and finishing configuring the project, listen to the advice of the experts on the new trends that may obey your needs.

2. Distribution:

This point is probably the most difficult to decide. As mentioned at the beginning, kitchens have changed a lot in recent years and the traditional layout has lost some of its appeal.

Open kitchens with an island, a U-shaped kitchen, paneled kitchens, etc. If you decide to open the kitchen to the living room, you can do it in many ways, you will enlarge the space and give more light.

Of course, the kitchen will take much more prominence. Whichever distribution you choose, you have to take into account that you must have enough space to store kitchenware and food, to work, and to be able to cook comfortably in a functional way.

3. Style:

Intimately related to the distribution because, after all, certain shapes ask for a certain style to make them look better. In any case, there are endless options and finishes that you will have to choose from, such as whether you want the kitchen in gloss or matt, what color you want the furniture, what material, how you want the handles to be, or if you prefer to place fingernails, what type of countertop you want to put, etc.

Currently, the trend to give more light and serenity is to use white kitchen furniture. White and the Nordic style seem to be a fashion that has not just gone away, especially since it is more difficult to tire of, although rustic kitchens are also making a name for themselves.

4. Equipment:

On many occasions, the opportunity is taken to replace electrical appliances. In their disposition, it is necessary to take into account the use that is going to be given and place them in a functional way.

5. Lighting:

The points of light are essential. The kitchen must be well-lit to be able to use it in an agile way. In addition to the ceiling light, currently LED strips are usually included under the upper front furniture, in this way the countertop - and the work area - will always have good and direct lighting.

6. Hire a good professional:

Professionalism, experience, and trust are fundamental aspects when choosing to work with one company or another. At, we have a history of many years carrying out design kitchen projects, and custom kitchens and understanding and materializing the needs and tastes of each client.


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