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5 tips for designing the bathroom in your home:

Like the kitchen, the bathroom is one of the most frequented rooms on a daily basis. Its layout and layout must be well thought out before construction to optimize movement around the house and create a practical space. This is not an easy task, as is the choice of equipment, coverings, storage, and lights. Here are 5 tips for successfully designing your bathroom:

1. Agree on the number of bathrooms:

First of all, you have to define how many bathrooms you want to have in your new home. Of course, it will depend on the composition of the home. Whether you live alone, as a couple, with children, or plan to have them, the needs and desired comfort will not be the same. In general, it is recommended to design two bathrooms rather than one when the house has 4 people. Depending on this and your daily habits, you can then plan a large family bathroom, a master bathroom, two small bathrooms, etc.

2. Optimizing the layout of the space:

A good layout of rooms, doors, and optimized layouts will have to be thought out. A trick will be to position the cupboards on the walls that separate the bathroom and the bedrooms. This will do a kind of sound insulation.

Also depending on the surface of the house, the bathroom can have a toilet and receive equipment such as a washing machine, and a dryer... A study of the locations and connections will have to be considered.

3. Make the right choice of equipment:

Depending on your habits and the composition of the family, the question between the shower and different models of bathtub may arise. It will be practical to have a bathtub for bathing young children or simply for the pleasure of relaxing. If space permits, it will be nice to have both. Also, a large shower like a walk-in shower can be the solution to combine practicality and comfort. You should also know that a bathtub can be adapted with a shower screen to wash standing up without flooding the entire bathroom!

4. Choosing the right floor and wall covering:

For the floor of the bathroom, you will have the choice between tiles, parquet, laminate and vinyl (PVC), and concrete. Tiling is often used for its practical and reassuring side in relation to humidity. Be aware that other materials are also very good if they are compatible with water features. For the parquet, you can have bamboo or teak for example. As for the concrete, it must receive special treatment (waxed, varnished, etc.) to avoid damp spots.

5. Provide functional storage:

Storage is never too much in a bathroom. There are also several solutions available to you. First the furniture. This can be a vanity unit, a column, or a shelf under the vanity top. A closet, if space permits, will be greatly appreciated. The walls can also be used to hang furniture such as a closet with a mirror. This frees up floor space while making cleaning easier.

You now know the good practices and recommendations to perfect the design of the bathroom of your future home. Obviously, the budget will constrain the extent of the work and equipment. Do not hesitate to consult which offers everything you need for the installation of your new bathroom.


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