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5 tips for a sustainable renovation

Congratulations, you have bought a home and want to renovate it. This is already a sustainable operation since you are reusing the old. But we cannot stop there. Here are five tips for a sustainable renovation.

1. Think beyond energy savings:

When we talk about sustainable renovation, we can first think of making your home more energy-efficient. Certainly, it is a first step in the proper direction. But you can also act sustainably through the choice of materials and their possible reuse.

A sustainable renovation is a renovation that is not only concerned with the energy performance of the home but also the optimal use of space and the sustainable use of water and materials. For example, rainwater is a good alternative to potable water for the toilet, washing machine, or outdoor tap.

2. First use the existing space:

We like to live in spacious premises - and the coronavirus pandemic has further increased the demand for space - but that concept does not fit into the definition of sustainable habitat. Because those who live sustainably do not seek large spaces but want to live compactly. In a small home, you simply need less energy.

3. Think long term:

Even if you don't have the budget, think long-term when you want to renovate sustainably and come up with a comprehensive plan. The advantage of a renovation is that you can spread the word, and therefore the costs, over time. So, ask yourself the following question: what would it take to transform your home into a sustainable home?

Then, it is a question of defining the priorities - Is additional bedrooms urgently needed, for example? The first step may then be to renovate the roof of an uninsulated attic, or perhaps even to raise the roof. solar panel installation You don't have to wait until all your work is finished to do so.

4. Think twice in advance:

There isn't a standard roadmap for sustainable renovation. "It is not always true that the first step in any sustainable renovation is the renovation of the roof, followed by the replacement of the windows and ending with the installation of solar panels. A sustainable renovation is personalized: not only to the measure of the building but also that of its inhabitants.

5. Choose the right materials:

For your coverings, natural materials are ideal. Solid flooring, stone, cork, sisal, or even linoleum. The coating you choose for your walls can also be chosen to respect nature. Some plasters have a limited impact on the environment. Therefore, favor local products or natural raw materials, without neglecting quality or performance. For example, by choosing a clay plaster, you will allow your walls to "breathe" since clay regulates humidity.

Also, opt for paint without additives and synthetic solvents. These small gestures not only have an impact on ecology but also health, since they also contribute to good indoor air quality.

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