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5 reasons to start an office renovation:

Office reforms are an important part of the evolution and improvement of companies. But the reforms of offices and commercial premises or corporate spaces also present a certain risk and can be stressful for the people and teams that manage the spaces or offices to be decorated. Renovations can also represent a significant financial risk when they go over budget or schedule.

In this guide, we are going to discuss the top 5 reasons to start an office renovation.

The 5 reasons to decide on the reform of your office:

1. To create opportunities and savings in the workplace:

The move to alternative work environments has created new types of spaces that are better suited to new ways of working. This means that employees or teams use spaces better suited for specific tasks and can move between departments more easily and often.

In today's digital age, people have laptops and can easily work from anywhere, which means the one desk-per-employee model no longer applies. With the number of employees right now regularly working from home, out of the office on vacation, or visiting a client at any given time, it's easy to save on existing office space by making better use of underutilized space.

2. Reform the office with a sustainability project:

Companies and employees are increasingly concerned about environmental health. This is a growing public concern, coupled with the need to keep up with regulations for modern workplaces to take space sustainability into account. From various certifications to recycling programs and energy efficiency initiatives, office environments must adapt to older spaces to meet the latest environmental quality standards.

3. Engagement with Millennials and Reform for tomorrow's Leaders:

Millennials represent the largest percentage of the workforce and are redefining the way business is done. Office environments are also changing.

Millennials prefer offices with open spaces and layouts, they care that the places where the offices are located are walkable and close to shops and restaurants, and they want natural light and collaborative workspaces. Most of the offices being built and refurbished now have an open-concept layout. It is an important concept for human relations.

4. Wellness-focused workspaces: preparing for future needs:

Where work/life balance used to be the gold standard for workplace health, there's a new push towards wellness at the office. There is an emerging concept of so-called "healthy buildings". This concept is based on research that links the design of a space and its operational policies with the general well-being of employees.

5. Reduced time away from the office during office renovations:

Faced with the possibility of adverse events and unpredictable events such as a fire or a flood, the reforms of offices and commercial premises are key to getting the company up and running quickly. Part of today's disaster recovery solution is to get the business ready in the first place through office renovations. Having a contingency plan with various scenarios planned in advance helps companies to react faster and more effectively.



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