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5 feng shui space cleaning strategies for attracting positive energy into your house

Updated: Mar 2, 2022

When you come back after a long day at work and if chaos and unorganized mess scattered welcomes you, you are bound to attract negative energy flowing in your home. These negative energies are caused due to too many things clogging in your space.

Homes have energy that have the power to channelize the emotions of those living in it and affect their daily lives. Interestingly, every repeated thought, every action, and every discussion adds to the home energy. An ideal home energy nourishes and nurtures with health and rejuvenation. It resets your inner compass to initial position where you can start afresh.

De cluttering is one of the biggest factors that impact homes energies. A clutter free environment has the following advantages:

a) Stress-Free Environment

b) Improved Health Conditions

c) More Ease of Working & Living

d) More Organized and Productive

e) A relaxed state of Mind.

f) Improved Relationships

In order to adopt more holistic home energy and infusing it with positivity, you can adopt the following simple techniques:

De clutter

De cluttering doesn’t only involve the removal of physical objects, but parting from an emotion that was once an important part of your daily life. The best way to de clutter your house space is to ask your friend or family members to help you analyze the objects present and if they are really worth the space they are taking up. Before you toss or keep the object in focus, ask yourself the following questions:

a) What does this piece of furniture mean to you?

b) Why is it so important to you?

c) What is the price of letting it go?

d) What unhealed part of you are you using it to support you?

Once you have the answer to these questions, face the predicaments associated with these objects and severe ties for a fresh start.

A place for everything and everything in place

The habit of having a place for everything maintains a continuous cycle that streamlines the efficacy involved in a day. Make a habit of keeping things at their place always. This habit will help you shed load from your mind to keep looking for things everytime you need them. Commit to this regime and witness your life transform.

Life giving plants

Plants are a perfect grounding support system which are accessible and easy to acquire by anyone. Many people stay in high-rise apartments that drastically reduces the yin energy, thereby impacting the yin-yang balance of the body. Plants, an integral part of nature, restore this balance a certain extent.

Rock salt lamps

Rock Salt lamps give out gentle warm and mild yellow light that soothe the eyes and create a serene atmosphere at home. However, ensure that your room is adequately hydrated during summers as these lamps tend to generate heat and soak up moisture.

Quartz crystals

Crystals can enhance home energy multifolds but should be used with great caution as they are known to amplify the existing energies in the house. Though they do not need extensive care as plants, they must be cleansed from time to time. Work with a healer or crystal expert, or simply buy a book for learning the correct use of these crystals.

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